Maiden Flight

On her maiden flight From the eyrie to the Castle's Delight Far beyond the tiny hills Far beyond she'd ever been! Soaring high till the sky turned black, gliding Across the land, never to return back! And then, She could smell it, all of a sudden. Delicious carrion of the Castle's Delight. She opened her eyes to her mother's tale Unfolding, Her little beak gaping for more, emptying Her crop, like she never ate before! Teary-eyed mother made it sure The fledge is fearless, ready to soar!

Black and White

A hundred thoughts in my mind Yet struggling to pen down some lines. There is this rainbow, all over me; But I am all white Just being black and white. Bullet is cheaper than love; Tears wiping away smiles. Death winning over life; But I am alright,  Just being black and white. A hundred arrows pierced my heart; Haven't split a pint of blood, yet Gazing at the rainbow over me I feel I am alright Just being black and white. Truth is cheaper than gold; Money earning lies, more Thorns winning over roses. But I am all right. Just because I am being blank and white.

Away from you

Miss those days, miss those moments; Miss your crazy glances. Miss those lips, miss those hips, Miss those evening kisses. The beat--faster, the grip--tighter Those cuddles I still long, That autumn breeze, I do believe Yes, that did turn us on. It is hard to find, still harder to replace Trying to find your face. In my notes, on my books Upon everything that light reflects! I wish my luck would favor a bit I hope my time shall do permit Us to meet, before I leave-- Before my heart stops to beat!


Ugly seems the air without your fragrance, So lonely feels the day without your presence, Utter futile seems my very existence and Depressing, this lonely experience. I wonder Why love has got limits? Why ego plays silly trick? Why can't it be sweet and clear Whether we're far or near! Yes, sometimes my words seldom express My inner feelings and regrets. I do admit my flaws, but Let it not be the reason To let my hand go. Our love was pure, deep and clear Let silly mistakes won't creep in and tear. Now, as I lie by my window side And gaze the star lit night sky I see my hopes fade Whilst the west wind blows across my face. But I have to be strong and I know this night will shortly end And the sun would soon shine bright. No matter how far you are, my love I believe I'll soon find you by my side.

Destined to succeed

I have no reasons to stop, no reasons to halt, I have no reasons to cry over my fault. I have no reason to fear, ah! no depression; I have no reasons to regret Or betray my passion. Life often puts me in a hell, Yet I find a grace, When it pushes me unto heaven I don't lose my face. I might have got no respect For some, not a penny fame. Yet I am not without a critic Nor without a dirty name. I need not prove anyone, need not be great In anyone's eyes; I need no judgement or explanation Just hold on as long as my fate denies. I might fall a hundred times but won't shy for another chance I will hold my head high, untill I die I have no reasons to stop, no reasons to cry.